Thoughts about breathing

© Ile Maurice 479

© Ile Maurice 479

Thoughts about breathing…

Imagine you are standing at the edge of the ocean about knee deep in the swirling water. As the wave goes back out to sea the sand flows away from under your feet creating a space. Effortlessly the cavity begins to fill back up with water and sand until the next outgoing wave once again washes it away.

Now imagine as you are breathing your diaphragm relaxing and falling away from your upper chest creating a space. Effortlessly the lungs respond taking in and filling up with air; expanding into the larger chest cavity.

“Normally we conceive of the in-breath as being the active component and the exhaling the passive, but in this dynamic, the out-breath is the active while the in-breath is the action that follows your relaxation,” explains Jamen McMillan in THE FOURFOLD PATH TO HEALING, page 364,

When we allow the diaphragm to softly release which creates a space that immediately fills up as the lungs expand with the intake of air, without forcing, our breathing becomes deeper and more rhythmical. It is as if we are being breathed rather than us sucking air in and pushing air out. Then we are joining in the larger rhythms of life; day and night, low tide and high tide, summer and winter and sleeping and waking.

How are you breathing?

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