Moving in your body is stretching

Stretching is something we all do intentionally or unintentionally. We can go to an exercise class or the gym or swim in a pool as an intention; focusing on certain muscles to strengthen and get a great workout. Or we can wake up in the morning, yawn and stretch without realizing, ‘hey, I’m stretching’. Moving in your body is stretching.

So how do we want to move in our bodies? Is there choice?

Yes there is!

If we think of movement as a release, like the ‘ahh’ of a yawn, rather than an effort that we have to make, then the way we move begins to change. Gradually we will feel more ease and less tension and constriction in our muscles.

Experiment with walking today as a form of relaxation and release. Feel warmth flowing through your legs down into your feet and extending beyond out into the world around you. Feel lightness under your arms as if a puff of air were buoying the weight. Allow yourself to enjoy just walking.

How could you use the idea of movement as a release while chopping vegetables?

Please share your thoughts here

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