© G. PaxtonElizabeth became interested in massage through her love of dance and her curiosity about how the body works. She wanted to learn about what makes the body move and what is under this façade of skin? When she was still a young adult, first her father, and then her mother suffered from severe illness, which peaked her curiosity again, this time around alternative medicine. Her mother’s oncologist recommended massage as part of the treatment plan. That is when Elizabeth, while accompanying her mother, received her first massage experience.

That was the spark that propelled Elizabeth to pursue training not only in medical massage, but movement education, energy work and most recently, Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage. Her passionate desire to know and understand how the body heals combined with her skill in creating compassionate connections with people make her an excellent therapist.

First, you observe what your body is saying to you through symptoms, sensations, and how comfortable it feels to move. Then, with Elizabeth you become a detective gathering clues that create a picture of the underlying problem. Using over twenty years of experience, Elizabeth combines different modalities to aid and support you in improving your health and wellbeing while decreasing or completely eliminating your symptoms.

Elizabeth would love to speak with you and answer all your questions. The work she does is specific for you with your current needs. You can reach her by phone (910) 465-4535 or email ellis10peich@gmail.com



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