Elizabeth has a gentle yet deeply healing touch. Her caring sensitivity and expertise is appreciated.” -Peggy

“Elizabeth has worked with my husband since February 2013. He was a stroke victim with a lot of damage to his hand, arm, shoulder and legs. I have seen an amazing improvement due to her tireless efforts. His overall alertness, mobility and posture showed remarkable improvement. Elizabeth works with him two to three times a week. I cannot say enough good things about her hand work, knowledge and professionalism. Elizabeth has also worked on me, our son and several friends. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.” – Ann

Elizabeth has such a gentle and healing way of giving a massage. She has taken advanced classes and applies her learning to give the client exactly what the body needs/wants. In addition the environment she creates is relaxing and soothing. When the massage is completed one feels rejuvenated in body, mind, and spirit. I highly recommend Elizabeth. Enjoy your massage.” -Anonymous

“Elizabeth Lotspeich has been my massage therapist for three and a half years. I started with Elizabeth because of a rotator cuff problem in my shoulder.  With exercise and Elizabeth’s expertise in massage therapy, I did not need surgery which was a blessing. After completing intense therapy for six months with Elizabeth, I continued because she is great at her craft.  She is very knowledgeable and professional. Elizabeth provides a very tranquil and peaceful environment, which in today’s stressful world is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend Elizabeth.” – Connie

Healing Your Body and Soul Through Movement is an introduction to transformative aesthetics that awakens the relationship between mind and body, in turn allowing discovery of placement, balance, lift and flow within the motion of naturally occurring Earth energy forces; i.e. gravity, tides, wind, thermal dynamics, light, harmonic frequencies and sacred geometry. Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with strong discipline and gentle teaching skills. Her practice stokes the fire within and sets the course to strive for enhanced freedom by utilizing cosmic patterns. The techniques and meditations Elizabeth uses are delightful. You know it works when the results are Happiness and Well Being.” -Esther

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