Energy Work

100_1687aHealing Touch and Rieki, both forms of energy work, are techniques used to directly affect the body’s energy system. Energy work is excellent for balancing the body’s systems, including mental and emotional. Many people experience a deep sense of calm and wellbeing during and after receiving energy work. People with muscle aches or tired muscles from overuse respond well to energy work in combination with massage. 

Anxiety, a common condition, is often decreased overtime with regular treatments, and for people suffering from headaches there is often a decrease in pain or the headache is completely gone. Some other common benefits include; sleeping better, stable appetite, smiling, and increased focus in daily activities. Conditions of extreme nature (after receiving medical attention) such as trauma, burns, exhaustion, surgery or acute disease where massage is not indicated, can also benefit from energy work.

Energy work is an amazing complement to medical massage. Its’ use enriches the client’s overall experience of the massage while enhancing vitality and health to the whole body.

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