Manual Lymph Drainage

Dr. Vodder’s hands-on techniques for lymphatic drainage are so relaxing and gentle you may drift off to sleep immediately.

af4fb78d5d4b220803ed9f72330a127dThis subtle form of massage cleanses the dermis (skin) allowing fresh nutrients to nourish the cells while restoring health to your lymph system. A healthy lymph system provides the first line of defense for many diseases. It transports excess fluid and waste from the loose connective tissue and then filters and returns the substances to the blood stream.

Manual Lymph Drainage improves the symptoms from; allergies, colds, sinus congestion, strokes, head trauma, sprains, frozen shoulder, rotary cuff injury, leg edema, constipation, osteoarthritis and chronic rheumatoid arthritis. In particular Manual Lymph Drainage is beneficial for pre and post surgery by reducing your recovery time, helping to decrease pain with an analgesic effect, and promotes the growth of radiant healthy tissue with minimal scarring.

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