Movement Therapy

© G. Paxton Just as an injury occurring to your body can create acute pain, the way we move in our bodies, can cause us pain as well. Poor posture and incorrect walking or running gaits can cause pain within the body.

Movement therapy is exercise specifically designed to enhance muscle strength, fluid motion, balance, grace and agility in the body. Everyone can use it, alone or in combination with massage, to promote healthy posture and comfortable body movement that is pain free. Many times when assessing what is hurting the body, the solution is to stop an unconscious movement habit pattern. Movement therapy is a technique to aid you in re-educating the body to move with ease, the way it was designed to, and remove the source of your pain. Elizabeth is trained through Spacial Dynamics Institute

Elizabeth does movement therapy classes which will focus on movement, massage and breath work to balance the emotions and enhance body awareness. She will be helping participants to understand and release patterns of movement in their body and learn how those patterns relate to feelings that become trapped in the emotional body and repeated in daily life. Please go to the Specials/Classes tab to see when her next class is offered.

Check out the other tabs to learn more about other techniques Elizabeth uses.

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