Why wear silk?

Why wear silk?



Our bodies need to stay warm and dry with the weather turning cold and damp. When we are cold we naturally contract our muscles and tend to move less. This in turn creates aches and pains in our bodies. Staying loose and flexible becomes more of a challenge during winter.

Layering in our clothing choices becomes one solution, but how? If our clothes become too cumbersome we feel heavy and sweaty. We can even get a chill from trapped moisture and feel lethargic in thick wool sweaters and leggings.

Silk is a wonderful alternative keeping our body warm while providing freedom in movement. Benefits of wearing silk are: it preserves the body’s heat in the cold, it has moisture wicking properties keeping you dry and comfortable, it repels mold and mildew, it is hypoallergenic, and it is light and smooth making silk easy to layer under clothes.

“Silk contains natural protein and 18 essential amino acids. Studies have shown that amino acids calm the nervous system and fight against the effects of aging, especially on the skin. Silk also contains cellular albumen which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells therefore will reduce sign of aging. Silk pillows and sheets therefore are good for your facial skin and body.”  For more information go to http://www.redkora.com/silk-fast-facts.html

And… when I am wearing silk I feel lighthearted!

 How do you stay warm?

Reflection, integration and the mind, body, spirit connection

Reflection, integration and the mind, body, spirit connection


The last few weeks have brought very intense experiences into my life. My whole being has been involved emotionally, physically and spiritually. Now I am exhausted and beginning to put myself back together. This is our life. We go through periods of intensity and get spit out on the other side.


I believe we are not meant to remain in stasis for too long. I believe we have an innate urge to grow continually and our life is the fodder for that growth to occur.  It is up to us though to consciously participate.

For me I participate by meditating, journaling, walking, contemplating, allowing my feelings to flow and asking questions. What do I know now that I did not know before about myself? What beliefs about myself do I want to let go? What new beliefs do I want to create?

Life in general appears to be an infinite procession of experiences lived moment to moment. Sometimes we feel badly. Sometimes we have a sense of wellbeing. Sometimes we just feel neutral. But I believe the purpose in all of this is growth; becoming more alive and self expressive.  It is a unique process for each one of us and I believe growth to be the most important self discovery of all.

How have your life’s experiences helped you become more aware?

So what are fascial adhesions?

So what are fascial adhesions?

connective tissue


So what are fascial adhesions? Fascia is connective tissue. It can be found superficially in the body just below the skin. It can also be found deeper in the body around our organs and muscles. Fascia gives support to the different body structures. Sometimes the fascia and the muscles beneath it stick together creating pain, burning sensations and reduced range of motion. When this happens, our muscles lack fluidity and we don’t feel free in our movements.

So what do we do?

Deep tissue massage to the rescue! Deep tissue massage is working between the muscle fibers. It can be uncomfortable for the client and good communication between client and therapist is necessary. I have found combining deep tissue massage for twenty minutes on the body areas that really need it along with Swedish massage and energy work to be highly effective. The beneficial results last longer and when you leave you are relaxed and feeling great!

If needed, soaking in a hot bath with apple cider vinegar or Epsom salts can deepen the relaxation and relieve any achiness.  Putting an ice pack on the treated areas will also relieve any temporary discomfort.

For more information on deep tissue massage and fascial adhesions go to: http://www.transformationswellness.net/_articles/deeptissue.asp


What are your experiences with receiving deep tissue massage?