Healing tones…”Maestro, If You Please”

Healing tones…”Maestro, If You Please”


I love music! Music transports me into different rooms of my soul. Music cradles me in love and healing. I use music to enhance the healing process during a massage. Silence, also a part of the healing process, is heard in the space between the notes. I believe it is the balance between silence and sound that creates the healing experience.

Nature inherently creates sound healing through the movement of energy in wind, water, electricity, expansion (heat) and contraction (cold). Sound tracks abound using the natural world as inspiration. Musicians all over the world are now composing multitudes of healing scores which are used in many hospitals.

Matt Peroutka, Certified Music Practitioner, describes his experience with one patient, ‘I noticed that a woman was waving. She was lying in bed and conducting. Me. It’s common for our PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit) to have a small sponge mounted on the end of a paper stick when they are not allowed to eat or drink. For this woman that sponge was her baton and I was her orchestra.’ http://www.mhtp.org/Data/Web/mhtpnews0514final.pdf

I leave you with a beautiful sound track featuring Tibetan bells and vocals. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and become uplifted through sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpKCuiffHg4

How do you use music?